_Are we earning to pay builders and interior designers, caterers and decorators?_

_Whom do we want to impress with our highly inflated house properties & fat weddings?_

_Do you remember for more than two days what you ate at someone’s marriage?_

_Why are we working like dogs in our prime years of life?_

_How many generations do we want to feed?_

_Most of us have two kids. Many have a single kid._

_How much is the “need” and how much do we actually “want”??_
_Think about it._

_Would our next generation be incapable to earn, that we save so much for them!?!_

_Can not we spare one and a half days a week for friends, family and self??_

_Do you spend even 5% of your monthly income for your self enjoyment?_

_Why can’t we enjoy simultaneously while we earn?_

_Spare time to enjoy before you have slipped discs and cholesterol blocks in your heart!!!_

_We don’t own properties, we just have temporary name on documents._

GOD _laughs sarcastically, when someone says,_
“I am the owner of this land”!!

_Do not judge a person only by the length of his car._

_Many of our science and maths teachers were great personalities riding on scooters!!_

_It is not bad to be rich, but it is very unfair, to be only rich._

_Let’s get a LIFE, before life gets us, instead…._

*_One day, all of us will get separated from each other; we will miss our conversations of everything & nothing; the dreams that we had._*

_Days will pass by, months, years, until this contact becomes rare… One day our children will see our pictures and ask ‘Who are these people?’ And we will smile with invisible tears because a heart is touched with a strong word and you will say:_ ‘IT WAS THEM THAT I HAD THE BEST DAYS OF MY LIFE WITH’.

_Thank you for making me smile for sometime in my life._👏


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